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DigiPanther recognizes human resources as the backbone of its long-term success and has consciously focused on increasing the value-add per employee. Utmost importance is attached to attract the best talent into the organization, continuously train, improve the skill set of these professionals, and help them perform in the most challenging assignments; and finally retaining our biggest asset—our people. If you are interested in applying for a job or an internship position please contact us using the link given above

DigiPanther offers exciting career paths for both IT and business professionals. A wide variety of software projects in a range of industries provide our individuals with the proper challenges to grow professionally. We look for the following attributes in our employees:

  • * Domain knowledge especially E-commerce
  • * Drive and determination
  • * Knowledge of IT
  • * Reasoning ability
  • * Analytical ability
  • * Creativity
  • * Communication skills
  • * Emotional maturity
  • * Initiative

If you are interested in applying please use the form on the contact page to reach us.

Applicants interested in Internships should also contact using the same form.

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